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What is Linux4Geeks?

Linux4Geeks is a collection of GNU-software, several programs and the Linux-kernel.

This whole thing is also known as a software distribution. There are many of distributors out there (Debian, RedHat, name only a few) but every Linux distribution has its advantages and disadvantages - so I started to create my own distribution of the Linux operating system.

Linux4Geeks is the result - a slim and fast source-based distribution. It offers different versions compiled for each architecture and has all the packages required for a slim base system including firewall and network administration tools, amongst others. Linux4Geeks does not have main setup tools like it is common in mainstream distributions. That's why I called it Linux4Geeks because it is nothing for people who do not know what they are doing.

Linux4Geeks is intended to be a base system from which you can create every type of machine. It fits for workstations, servers or even firewalls. The main thought is to only have needed software installed on the system. This is the working base.

If you want a fast and stable system - this distribution is the right for you! But if you are looking for an easy-to-use operating system - go and get another distribution!

Linux4Geeks is based on Linux from Scratch. So if you don't want to compile all needed packages by yourself you can easily take this distribution and start to integrate your needed programs.

By the way: To install Linux4Geeks you need a working installation of Linux to make your Linux4Geeks bootable. We are working on an install-system in order to create bootable ISO-images.

If you are still reading now: Good luck for your installation!!